About the author, JD Young

When I was eleven years old I bought my first guitar.
After playing a few covers of my favorite bands, I started writing my own songs. This soon resulted in my own first band. In my teens I started playing gigs and I recorded my first demo at a local sound studio. That was an extraordinary experience for me. Soon after I installed a sequencer on my PC and one of the band members and I started to do our own recordings. I can remember very clearly the first time I burned a CD with my own song. It gave me an enormous sense of freedom, to be able to record my musical ideas all by myself and share them with the world.

Since then I have been on stage with many different groups, but over time I discovered that I much prefer writing and recording music to performing music. Therefore, from about the age of twenty I increasingly focused on producing music and I expanded my home studio. I read everything I could find about music production and recorded music with various artist. That’s how I learned the tricks of the trade, but one part of the production process still remained hard to grasp: mastering.

As my production work was getting more and more serious, I became determined to unravel the secrets of mastering. At the time, there were only a handful of books about mastering but they provided very little to fall back on for home studio users. They were either extremely technical - really only meant for experienced engineers who wanted to upgrade their knowledge - or they were so general that they were not much use in practice. As there was very little specific information at hand, I spent the next few years searching the internet and talking to many engineers. That is how I discovered exactly what mastering entails, after which I started to look for solutions to allow me to master my music at home.

I wrote down my learning process meticulously in a text file which, as I got proficient at mastering, looked more and more like a handbook. As a published author I already had a lot of writing experience, so I decided to flesh out my notes into a book: the book that I would have liked to read when I decided to learn about mastering. I worked on it for three years, trying to structure the knowledge I had gained in a way that was logical, accessible and most of all practical. Not a technical tale, but a detailed guide that explains step-by-step, in the right order, how you can master your own music at home: Home Studio Mastering.